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yOur academic exchange

in france

Living a semester abroad is a great experience that is now part of a large majority of higher education programs. It is an important stage of a student’s life that allows you to discover other cultures, other visions and new experiences.

However, with so much information online, organizing an exchange, can be a real headache. We’re here to make it easier and clearer for you. We want to put all the odds on your favor so you can take full advantage of your exchange while saving time, money and energy!

In Preparation

Sworn Translations

We offer certified sworn translations of your official documents into French.  Translations complying to France specifications.

Insurance Abroad

We offer travel insurance plans that fit your specific needs. We’ll guide you through the constitution of your file to register to insurance in France.



We offer guidance througout the process and constitution of your application file. From motivation letters to your visa appointment.

On departure


We inform you about the transportation options in your new city. Know how to get from your departure point to your host university.


We inform you about the platforms & agencies who will help you find the perfect house near to your host university.


We inform you about social media groups and sites frequented by locals and foreigners at your host university.

Our Agency

Make the most of your exchange

Discover out agency, where we’ll take care of the formalities and be an always present guidance for you. From your acceptance letter until you step off the plane, we’ll help you make the most of your experience abroad!

In Preparation

Time : 2/4 week

Our agency offers you a unique follow-up for the constitution of your administrative files which will be crucial in the realisation of your academic exchange.

on departure

Time : 3/6 week

Our agency offers you a complete accompaniment in the preparation of your departure as well as your arrival at your host university, in order to maximize your integration in your host university.

OUR Guide

We have created the perfect digital guide to help you make the most of your short stay in France since day one.

📄 Translate my official documents

✉️ Obtaining my visa in a short time

🔖 Go on crazy adventures, with insurance abroad

🛩 Travel to my host country, with style

🏠 Find my dream home

💶 Open a French bank account

🇫🇷 Get the French vibe


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