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Making a semester abroad is an enriching experience, that will bring you nothing but positive benefits, from lifelong friendships to unforgettable memories. Unfortunately it takes a long process to get to your destination and start enjoying your life abroad. From figuring out administration processes, visa procedures, finding proper housing, insurance and plane tickets.

This guide will save you sleepless nights and long days trying to figure out the next step. Avoid all the stress that comes with preparing your exchange and make the most of it before arriving.

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Chapter 1

Sworn Translations

What exactly are sworn translations?


Sworn translations are the official translations for documents that need to be accepted in administrative government process.

In order for them to be considered “official” they must be translated by a “sworn translator”, a professional translator who is recognised by court and government authorities as one.

Once they have signed and sealed their documents, they are stating that the translation is an accurate, complete translation of the official document.

They are also known as a certified translation or official translations.

In some cases, since these documents are in exchange between different countries and administrations, they are accompanied apart from the sworn translator’s seal, by an apostille.

An apostille is a stamp or printed form that guarantees the accuracy and official value of the document, following the guidelines of the Hague Convention.

Since this is a different process, you must always ask your school or consulate if your documents need to be apostilled apart from the sworn translation.


7 Chapters

60 Pages

We know, there is plenty of information out there, it gets overwhelming and it takes a lot of your time and energy reading all of it.

This guide will help you navigate through all the information, by telling you exactly what you need to know, where to do it and how to do it. Reading this guide, you will know exactly what websites are important, where to do some mandatory administrative procedures and the importance of a proper insurance plan.

From the first steps of getting your documents ready for the French embassy, the visa process all the way through some insights on the French culture and some life hacks as a foreign student in France. Enjoy your semester abroad before it begins.


OUR Guide

We have created the perfect digital guide to help you prepare your academic exchange in France and make sure you make the most of your short stay as a foreign exchange student.


The official translation process


Guidance on visa process for students


Getting an insurance plan for your time abroad


Understand your transport options


Steps to finding your ideal housing


Connecting with the local community

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The official translations known as "sworn translations"

Many universities or countries require official documents to be accompanied by sworn translations. It is the first step into getting to a university of applying for a visa.  As an important step and official procedure it can be confusing, this guide will explain and guide you through the process.


Applying for a visa as a student

Applying for a visa to come to France is a crucial step in the process of becoming a foreign student. We’re here to guide you through the different types of visas, preparing your file, who to contact and any other doubts you might have.


Getting an insurance plan as a student

Make sure you have the right insurance. For some countries and universities you must purchase a local health insurance or be covered by an international one before applying for a visa. Avoid all uncertainties and feel save knowing you’re fully covered abroad.


Understand your transport options

Moving to another country is never easy, you will face many changes and differences between your home country and France. Do not let the transport system surprise you before arriving, understand your options and how to use it beforehand and travel stress free.


Steps to finding your ideal housing

Finding accommodation in a country you don’t really know, in an unfamiliar city, without being there and for a short period of time? It’s a real struggle, fortunately, we have established some key steps that will lead you to find accommodation for your university exchange.

Finding and involving the local community

It’s always difficult to get to a place knowing no one, if there’s a problem, you don’t know who to turn to. Moreover, integration in a new university is always a long process, and in a one-semester academic exchange, you have very little time. We accompany you towards a rapid integration.