The most importance process of preparing your stay abroad, will not be possible without completing first administrative process mentioned before. To apply for a visa takes a large amount of time and it can be confusing to sort through all the information online.

We’ll walk you through the process of constituting your file, cover letter and document specifications.


In order to enter and live legally in a foreign country you must follow the process to apply for a visa. This document will be your residence permit for the duration of your exchange program, it will allow you to benefit from the national security system, financial housing aid and to travel between European countries.

As this is the most important document to start you experience abroad, you will need to pay special care to the specifications to attain it in order to avoid any possible rejections on your visa request.


🤔  What types of visa for students

Less than 6 months: court séjour pour études visa. It allows students to enter the territory and study at a French educational institution.

More than 3 moths but not exceeding 6 months: Temporary long-term visa. It allows students to stay in the territory to pursue their studies for the duration of program.

More than 6 months: Long-Term Visa (VLS-TS) visa long séjour valant titre de séjour. It allows students to stay in France for the duration of their program with the possibility of renewal. It requires validation on arrival.

When to apply ?

The process and requirements to apply for a visa as a student take time and can be confusing.  As for the case of international students wishing to study in France, it will depend on the duration of the program they’re enrolled at and their country of origin to know the exact requirements.

As the process is long it is recommended that students begin the preparations at least 6 months in advance. This will allow them to gather the necessary information and documents before the official submission of files through Campus France or the French embassy.

⚠️ About Campus France

It is a public institution in charge of promoting French higher education and welcoming international students to the country. It also manages scholarship programmes and alumni network.

In most cases, due to collaborations between governments, the application process might be obliged to go through Campus France. They will provide the information required to follow to begin the application and you must receive their approval before going to your visa appointment.

Applying for a visa