You have finished preparing for your academic exchange and are wondering where you are going to stay? How are you going to find a place to live without being there, being a student without a fixed salary and for a short period of time?


🏠 How to find housing? 

Finding appropriate housing is always complicated, especially if you find yourself looking for a place to stay while in a different country. 

The first solution for this issue is to look for a place online, many websites exist already, allowing tenants to find many offers meant for every type of budget and specifics. However, many issues come from the online offers, and many other complications exist from the French housing market for international tenants, such as:

 Excessively high prices for small spaces. High demand in big cities like Paris, make rent prices increase. 

Online scams are very common. Many offers online show big, modern or new living spaces for prices fairly low compared to the average rent price in well-known websites. 

Tenant profiles must include on their applications a French guarantor. As this step assures landlords they will be paid on time, it is a requirement for the guarantor to earn 3 times the rent plus services. 

Contract duration is between 6 months and a year. This requirement makes the apartment search for international exchange students harder, as you will stay for shorter periods than the preferred. 


At My Academic Exchange we’ve understood the needs of international exchange students and have come up with targeted, direct and easy solutions for these issues through our services.  

You might have your checklist for your dream apartment and just like you, French landlords have their own checklist of what a perfect tenant should have. We’re here to help you fulfil all of their requirements so you can also get the keys to you dream far away home. 


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